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Federal & State Regulatory Agencies.

Securities Exchange Commission


Financial Industry Regulatory Authority


North American Securities Administrators Association


State Rules

Legal Disclaimer:

Legal Notice of intent to organize a Municipal Bond Fund Crowdfunding Portal:

Notice is hereby being made that Consulate Investments upon organization as an Investment Company will be subject to the laws and provisions of the Investment Company Act of 1940, Consulate does not seek any exemptions as an Investment Company under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, except as provided herein; whereas

Consulate  seeks exemptions and file “Form C” on behalf of Individual State and Municipal Trust Funds deemed issuers as outlined by the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, where issuer exemption will be sort on behalf of Consulate Municipal Fund, more specifically State Municipal Bond Funds organized as a Trust or more specifically a State equivalent to a Trust, notwithstanding that it may be required to form an LLC, to represent the same intent to establish a separate and distinct entity for declaring a municipal bond fund as Trust for each of States and Local Municipalities for total of no less than 3,144 Trusts, and further file on behalf of said Trust, necessary documents and forms to perfect the same, whereas an;

Issuer Offering Statement: An issuer must comply with various disclosure requirements and file certain information with the SEC in connection with a crowdfunding offering, including an offering statement on Form C. An issuer must disclose in its offering statement:

the names of its directors and officers and their business experience for the three prior years

risk factors, including an analysis of specific risks associated with the issuer and general risks associated with crowdfunded securities

the issuer’s current number of employees

the identity of, and compensation paid to, the intermediary involved in the offering

a description of the issuer’s ownership and capital structure, including the terms of the securities offered (whether equity or debt) and the names of beneficial owners of 20% or more of its voting equity securities

a description of its financial condition, including the material terms of any indebtedness, and a description of its business and anticipated business plan

a reasonably detailed description of the purpose and intended use of the proceeds of the crowdfunding offering as well as other details of the offering, including disclosing the price to the public of the securities or the method for determining the price, the target offering amount, whether the target amount may grow, the deadline to reach the target amount and updates on efforts to reach the target amount at specified benchmarks.

Respectfully. Secondly, the Individual Municipal Trusts are used to Sell and Redeem UIT’s and establishes a non-publicly traded secondary market portal for UIT per rules and regulations with the same restrictions and guidelines for a Funding portal. Whereas  we may seek relief from the burden of conflicting exemptions and requirements by filing separately with each State, under Trust Laws, as well Municipal Bond UIT offered to residents of the State, ideally.

Referring to:


Title 43 Chapter 2 Administration of Estates
Title 43 Chapter 8 Probate Code


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The discussion being made herein, is a matter of opinion and we invite continuing discussion and welcome opinions, as we operate with the sole intent to Underwrite the offer being made herein, and obtained all required licenses and registrations that the law may required.

Further, Gogo bonds as a Crowdfunding site for Municipal Bond Funds is not a Crowdfunding Portal duly requiring registration and we may or may not seek an exception, based on the Registration of UIT Securities and Registration as an Investment Company which may solicit the public and does not have qualified investor requirement. Subsequently, Gogo bonds more specifically gogobonds.com will operate merely as a convenient means for potential investors to buy and redeem Municipal “UIT” (Unit Investment Trusts) using technology defined as a crowdfunding platform.

Underwriting Crowdfunding Business Loans and Equity Investments Using Municipal Bond Fund Derivatives and Credit Swaps as well other hybrid methods to increase yields and further underwrite conventional crowdfunding business equity transactions, whereas a discussion on this topic can be found here:

Use of Derivatives by Registered Investment Companies and Business Development Companies (See Release)

Further, this site and its features are merely a matter of a propose solution for Offering Municipal Bonds to the general public using Municipal Bond UIT Funds that distributes investments base on the geographical location of potential investors. With that in mind it is the intent of the developers of Gogo bonds to create a Municipal Bond Fund Portal that raises a total $1M per Municipal Trust Fund to purchase municipal bonds from the estimated 3,144 Municipalities in the United States without bias, based on Investor’s residence, and to use Municipal Bonds as collateral to underwrite Business Loans that will be made to qualified existing and start-up companies limited to either national implementation or local operations within the respective municipalities.

Companies referred to as “Issuers” will be able to post funding request on our duly registered (pending registration platform) named “gogopublic.com”. Further, the methods detailed herein is subject to pending patents, as it may relate to system and methods that involves the business method of a structured finance application that as result is regulated by many laws and exemptions for each segment of operation.

Moreover, potential investors may buy gogobonds.com and redeem gogobonds.com penalty free at the time of maturity, and yet. Further, the general public will not be able to invest in companies featured on the gogopublic.com without first purchasing gogobonds.com. Investors will be asked to vote on which company base of a variety of factors, investor or underwriters used interchangeably for the sake of explanation will not be required to cast underwriting votes. The number of Underwriting votes determines if the companies funding request will be met which determines if  listed companies are funded.  This partnership results in the organization of a business loans or equity stakes being made to companies using Gogopublic.com as the crowdfunding portal.

Further, we will only seek exemption based on Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act for the Companies that are deemed issuers, which requires that Form C to be registered with SEC or Self Regulatory Authority.  At full capacity the process briefly explained  herein is expected to generate over $3.144B in municipal bond revenues, and subsequently underwrite $2.3B in equity transactions and small business loans with an average of $250,000 per loan will enable Consulate Investments to fund 9,200 start-ups per year, at full operating capacity. Of which we are in the early stages of organizing and we maintain that we seek to comply with Federal Laws establish by the SEC, with a more define concentration on purchasing municipal bonds without bias distributed across the Municipalities of the United States.

As an intermediary, Consulate automatically distribute monies collected from this portal less a 6% commission and 1.5% underwriting fee to individual Municipal trust accounts, that use Broker free trading accounts to purchase Bonds from the local municipality with Guidance from a registered Investment Advisor on fee basis. Having just explained the intent of Gogobonds.com, a proposed Municipal Bond Fund Crowdfunding Portal seeking exclusion from Jobs Act restrictions, as a duly organized Investment Company with Registered UIT securities (pending registration), we hereby submit this notice to express our intent to duly organized a Municipal Bond Fund Crowdfunding Portal that offers UIT “Unit Investment Trusts” to the general public, in an effort to underwrite loans made to start up companies which has not been defined nor restricted by any laws.

Please address opinions and correspondence as they may relate to this matter to:


or write

Consulate Investments, Inc
1126 S. Federal Hwy Suite 307
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316.