Why should I buy Gogo bonds?

Gogo bonds, are created based on the same principals that hedge fund managers, bank directors, and sophisticated wealth managers use to create high yield returns. Gogo bonds methodology uses tried and tested proven investment methods to compound returns.

Gogo bonds hedges credit to extend loans that private portfolio companies need to operate and in exchange takes a percentage of the profits. For instance, a wealthy individual with good credit can borrow money from the bank at 4% interest and leverage the borrowed money to fund real estate loans at 8% creating a 4% spread.

If that same individual was able to fund short term loans, one would assumed that the 4% spread on the same 4% loans could be compounded to increase higher yields. Gogo bonds uses these investment principles as well as other proven methods to create compounded returns by buying ownership stakes in a limited group of portfolio companies that are part of conglomerate structure.

Gogo bonds limits investments to telecommunications, utilities, and building advanced networks that created revenues based on recurring payments from subscribers. Investing in Gogo bonds is like purchasing stocks and bonds from Utility companies. Investors that seek high returns, with well mitigate risk management should consider buying Gogo bonds.

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Published: January 11, 2016 Updated: January 14, 2016